Framing the Global has been focused on developing innovative approaches that will generate new knowledge, explain global phenomena, and provide means of tracing and exploring the transnational linkages that are too often left out of Global Studies. The project is in the process of producing new scholarship about how to conduct global research that is applicable to a variety of lived, political, discursive, cultural, public, private, and academic contexts.

To communicate this new scholarship to the academic community we are producing a book series, published by Indiana University Press, that examines global research from a number of different entry points. Series authors include Framing the Global fellows as well as other scholars who are exploring aspects of globalization in their work.

Michael Peter Smith, of University of California, Davis, called our first book “[A] stimulating and well-researched book that clearly makes a contribution to scholarship in global studies. . . . [O]ffers a wide variety of ways to conceptualize, represent, and investigate, or, as its title suggests, ‘frame’ the global.”  

You can read an excerpt from the Framing the Global volume here: Framing the Global Introduction.