‘Sent Home’: New article by Framing the Global fellow Deirdre McKay

Younger kids at an Internet café – one of the sites through which they Skype their parents, supervised by older siblings. Photo by Curating Development.

Framing the Global fellow Deirdre McKay’s newly published article in Global Networks: A Journal of Transnational Affairs “explores the ways that families document child-raising and sustain intimacies across international boundaries. 

“Migrants and their transnational families document their children and child-rearing practices on social networking sites (SNS) to enhance their social mobility. In this article, I identify a new group of migrant children, namely those sent home to their parents’ countries of origin for an imagined ‘good childhood’. I demonstrate that polymedia – SNS and other platforms – sustain these children and create new norms of publicness and visibility in transnational parenting.”
The article references research from McKay’s book, An Archipelago of Care: Filipino Migrants and Global Networks, which focuses on he experiences of Filipino caregivers in London and what they must do navigate their way in a global marketplace. To learn more about or purchase this Framing the Global book title, visit the IU Press web site