Learn more about Framing the Global

Framing the Global is focused on producing interdisciplinary research on global issues. This Wednesday you can learn more about how the project is doing that during a NAFSA Academic Programs Faculty Conversation.

Project co-director Dr. Hilary Kahn will moderate and present the conversation; Fellows Professor Zsuzsa Gille of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Professor Alex Perullo of Bryant University will also take part.

The conversation is an opportunity to learn about the project’s genesis and hear how it’s impacted the work of fellows.

In a Q&A at the NAFSA website Kahn said:

The event will outline the basic “Framing the Global” concepts and demonstrate how they can become a means of creating deliberate global learning communities in classrooms and on campuses. Educators will hear how members of “Framing the Global” have utilized this approach in research and in curriculum development, teaching, and internationalization. They will also learn the importance of the process of interdisciplinary and collective knowledge production, and how collaborative learning environments are at the core of what a global classroom should be in the twenty-first century.

The conversation is from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm on Wednesday March 4th.

There is a fee to register to take part.

Registration is $159 for NAFSA members; $199 for non-members.

You can follow us on Twitter: @FramingGlobal.