Doctorate In Law And Development Launched

Interested in studying law or development? A new doctorate launched by six universities allows students to do both.

The¬†European Joint Doctorate Programme in Law and Development (EDOLAD) is designed ” to make a significant contribution to the need for knowledge-driven development
policy-making.” It is a three-year Erasmus Mundus Lifelong Learning Programme Project.

The degree will take a multi-disciplinary approach and seeks to strengthen the connection between research and practice.

Scholars, NGOs, policymakers, and Framing the Global fellows recently celebrated the degree’s launch with a two-day conference focused on land and development held at the University of Edinburgh.

“I think what made this degree launch so interesting was that it brought people together from government, civil society, and academia to discuss how to do development (and global studies) differently,” Framing the Global Fellow Michael Mascarenas says. “[T]he conversations were very, very productive.”

Three fellows took part in the conference.


EDOLAD was launched with a conference held at Edinburgh University in late January. Image via kasgeog. (Flickr Creative Commons.)

Anne Griffiths convened the event and spoke on the implications of legal pluralism. Michael Mascarenas presented on global water security. Deirdre McKay talked about the implications of land as a site of grassroots investment for global migrants.

Other presentations concerned the impact of gender on law and development as well as the global challenges the field faces.

The six universities that have partnered on EDOLAD are Edinburgh University (UK), Tilberg (the Netherlands), Oslo (Norway), Tartu (Estonia), Deusto (Spain), and North-West University (South Africa).

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