Don’t Forget to Register for Framing the Global

Registration for the Framing the Global conference Sunday, September 22.

During the conference you’ll get the chance to learn more about what Framing the Global is all about, as well as hear from the Framing the Global fellows.

Image via miuenski miuenski (Flickr).

Image via miuenski miuenski (Flickr).

The talks and panels scheduled over the course of three days — September 26, 27, and 28 — are designed to explore various aspects of “the global” as well as the ways in which the global and the local become mingled in one another.

Featured speakers include scholars Arjun Appadurai, Gillian Hart, and the Acumen Fund’s Yasmina Zaidman.

The conference, like the project itself, is meant to be an interdisciplinary discussion of research that falls under the umbrella of “global studies.” Support has come from all across the campus of Indiana University.

Some of the panels include:

  • Imagining Global Disjunctures
  • Global Grassroots: Transnational Experiences¬†Shaping Public Engagement in Kentucky
  • Performing Borders and Misalignments

Papers cover a wide array of topics from the migrant use of social media to India-China art exchange to the global foreign exchange market.

Registration guarantees you a seat at these conversations. (As well as meals offered during the conference.)

If you can’t physically make the conference, we will be live-tweeting panels and keynote talks on our @FramingGlobal Twitter account.

We’ll also be live-blogging some of the panels here at the Framing the Global blog.

You can find more information (including the conference schedule) here.

Register here.

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