The Global Converges in Indiana

Next month scholars from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds will make their way to Bloomington, Indiana for the Framing the Global conference.

Designed to “explore emerging directions and methodologies for global research” the conference will take place over a period of three days and feature talks from noted scholars Arjun Appadurai and Gillian Hart as well as Acumen Fund’s Director of Communications Yasmina Zaidman.

Much like the project for which it’s named, the conference is designed to challenge traditional ideas of what it means to study “the global.”

“We’re trying to create a flexible, and yet somewhat coherent infrastructure of some sort in which we can all pursue global studies,” says Framing the Global Project Co-Director Hilary Kahn.

Framing the Global received 60 paper and panel submissions for presentation. 13 of those papers and 3 of the panels will be presented at the conference and will hopefully “mirror the complexity” of global studies.

Image via cutiepie company (Flickr)

Image via cutiepie company (Flickr)

“At the core of the conference and at the core of the project is that we’re really trying to redefine what global is,” Kahn says. “And that global does not necessarily mean that it’s all encompassing and omnipresent and it impacts every single person on the globe. But it certainly has the potential to circulate and could impact, in different ways.”

Kahn says Framing the Global has moved away from attempting to create a unified approach to the study of globalization and its various phenomena — instead, the project’s embraced the concept of a larger interdisciplinary framework in which scholars, including the Framing the Global fellows, can situate themselves.

The hope is this framework will help academics, as well as professionals, move away from conceptualizations that reify dichotomies or the notion of “the global” in a singular sense.

“What we’ve accepted is the subjectivity and hybridity and multiplicity and yet we’re not giving up on some kind of … loose network of constructs that can help us guide our scholarship,” Kahn says.

In addition to the papers and panels presented by outside scholars, Framing the Global will also feature project fellows. Some will be presenting research while others will serve as panel discussants.

A total of eight panels will be presented over the course of the conference.

It runs September 26-28.

You can find a conference schedule here.

Registration is free and open until September 19. Register here.

You can follow us on Twitter: @FramingGlobal.